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Friday, May 1, 2009

On Blogging

It looked so easy.

I follow some great blogs, including Pyramus' One Thousand Scents, and CakeWrecks, a side-splitting gallery of baked goods gone wrong. I can do that, I thought. I have opinions. I am a decent writer. I know how to steal photos from other websites.

Updating it every week has been an impossibility, and I salute those bloggers who can post with any regularity whatsoever. I am comforted to see that Julie hasn't posted in months, either. My friend Troy's blog consists of exactly two posts.

Two posts I was working on (one titled "The Singing Whore,") fell down some rabbit-hole in Cyberland and I can't seem to find them. Rest assured, I will find the time to reconstruct my post about that woman who's been undressed by kings, and she's seen some things that a woman ain't suppose-ta see.

Living as we do in a world with female judges, 5-star generals, surgeons and senators, what exactly is a woman ain't suppose-ta see? Considering the women I know, it may be spiders.